The BadamiTV Channel is Diverse Voices / Unlimited Stories featuring exclusive access to BTV’s currently playing TV shows and our 26-year library of shows along with feature films, short films, gospel music performances, documentaries, cooking shows, vintage films and vintage music videos that have been created by BTV and national and international artists.

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African American Short Films NEW Episode Currently Airing on TV!

This episode of African American Short Films features the short films, "Sunlight" directed by Sagar Brahmbhatt and Tari K. Robinson's online viral hit thriller, "The Voicemail", soon to be released as a feature film!

New Gospel Music Episodes!

This show stars: Brendan Kendall and Hope Chapel Collective, Semaje, Anthony Brown and Group Ther APy, Charlin Neal with the Valley Baptist Music Choir, Sydnee Danielle, Revival Music Company featuring Cache’t and Earl Bynum, Jemuel Anderson and Sounds of Imani.

NEW Indie Films! NEW Collection of Short Films!

A curated collection of independent and short films from the BadamiTV library which showcases a diverse range of storytelling styles and unique perspectives. These films, created outside of the major studio system, offer fresh and innovative narratives and delve into personal, social, and cultural themes that mainstream cinema not frequently explored.